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Our studio offers a wide variety of programs for dancers in many locations, including:
North Carolina Florida
South Carolina Georgia
Maryland Childcare/Outreach
Virginia and even Virtual Dance Classes!

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"Dance With Me is a huge hit with both children and staff.
The kids look forward to it all week, and their progress has been fantastic.”

- Happy Childcare Director, Baltimore County          

educational outreach program

Offering dance and tumbling classes in Fayetteville NC, Murrells Inet SC,and Beyond. Dance With Me Academy Studio's and Outreach Program strives to spread a love for movement and the art of dance to people of all ages. We pride our selves on Artistic Excellence while promoting a strong sense of self in addition to age and developmentally appropriate learning for the emergent dancer at any level. Classes and services offered by Dance With Me provide social, emotional, cognitive, and physical benefits for emerging dancers. Dance With Me has brought dance to the community through not only it's studio locations in Fayetteville NC and Murrells Inlet SC but childcare centers, military installations, gyms, community centers and schools.

Come Join us for Sizzling Summers Unlimited classes for one flat fee!  Also for one of our many Summer Camps 

We Go Above the Rest
All of our instructors are CPR and first aid certified. Additionally, they have all submitted to and passed a background check.

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Book your $15 Introductory session now (in participating areas only - please contact us for details)! Be sure to take a look at our Services to see what summer programs and services that we offer. We are now enrolling for summer programs, and it's never too early to secure your fall slots here at Dance With Me.